Sydney Architecture Images- Central Business District

Mercantile Mutual Building


Robertson & Marks


115 Pitt Street, Dalton House


1927-28, demolished


Commercial Pallazo


Steel/Concrete frame, stone cladding.


Office Building
During the inter-war decades, the Commercial Palazzo style found
favour with many businesses which valued the image of conservative
probity more highly than that of flashy modernity. Prime users of the
style were banks and insurance companies. Two 'mainstream' examples
of the style are the Mercantile Mutual Building (1927-28), 117 Pitt
Street, by Robertson & Marks; 24 and the former Manchester
Unity Oddfellows' Building (1921-23), 185 Elizabeth Street, by John P
Tate & Young, with its unusual Corinthian order from the Tower of
the Winds in Athens.25 Both of these buildings have facades
which are relatively high in relation to their width, thus they have more
in common with American examples than do many other lower, squatter
buildings. A fine example outside Sydney is the AMP Building (c
1925), 57 Hunter Street, Newcastle, by Eric L Apperly of Wright &

Richard Apperley