Sydney Architecture Images- Central Business District

The Archibald Fountain


sculptor Francois Sicard


Hyde Park


c. 1920


Federation Free Classical


granite and bronze


This flamboyant fountain depicts a bronze Apollo and other mythological characters. If your eyes are good you might be able to read an explanation of the allegorical figures at the base of the north–east corner of the statue. But while its inspiration might be ancient Greece, it was bequeathed to the people of Sydney by J. F. Archibald to commemorate the association of Australia and France during World War 1, and was designed by French sculptor Francois Sicard. Archibald was the editor of The Bulletin, a paper that encouraged writers to write about Australia, but he himself was a confessed Francophile. He sported a neat French styled beard and changed his given names from John Feltham to Jules Francois. Most Sydneysiders would have no idea who Archibald was, but everyone loves his fountain.