architecture of sydney university 

Camperdown Campus
Disparate parts that create the whole. Different aspects of the university's character are reflected by differing styles.
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01 Baxter's Lodge
02 The Quadrangle
03 Vice-Chancellor's Courtyard
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04 War Memorial Art Gallery
05 Botany Lawn
06 Macleay Building
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07 Old Geology Building 08 Holme Building 09 Footbridge Theatre
10 Refrectory
11 Science Road Cottage
12 Heydon-Laurence Building
13 RD Watt Building
14 Pharmacy Building
15 Old Bank Building
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16 Grafitti Tunnel
17 Badham Building
18 Mephistopheles Fountain
19 John Woolley Building
20 Wallace Lecture Theatre
21 Griffith Taylor Building
22 Christopher Brennan Building
23 Mungo MacCallum Building
24 McMaster Building
25 JD Stewart Building
26 Maclaurin Hall 27 Evelyn Williams Building
28 Round House 29 Veterinary Science Conference Centre 30 RMC Gunn Building
31 Fisher Library 32 New Law School 33 Eastern Avenue Auditorium
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34 Carslaw Building 35 Chemistry Building 36 Anderson Stuart Building
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37 Madsen Building 38 Gatekeeper's Lodge 39 Edward Ford Building
40 Transient Building 41 RC Mills Building 42 Physics Building
43 Arena Sports Building
44 Old Teachers College Building
45 Education Building
46 Manning House
47 Tennis Pavilion
48 Isabel Fidler Memorial Garden
49 Bruce Williams Pavilion 50 Blackburn Building 51 St. Andrew’s College
75 St. Paul's College 76 Women's College 77 Wesley College
78 St. John's College 79 Sancta Sophia College 80 Moore College
81 Gardener's Lodge Gatehouse, Victoria Park. 82 Charles Perkins Centre  
Darlington Campus
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52 Seymour Centre 53 School of Information Technologies 54 Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Building
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55 Engineering Building Link Building 56 University Pool 57 Civil Engineering Building
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58 Materials and Structures Building 59 Chemical Engineering Building 60 Peter Nicol Russell Building
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61 Peter Nicol Russell Memorial 62 Electrical Engineering Building 63 Gordon Yo-Hoi Chui Building
73 Institute Building 65 Services Building 66 Economics and Business Building
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67 Bio-Chemistry and Microbiology Building 68 Old Darlington School 69 Wilkinson Building
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70 Central Building 71 Wentworth Union Building 72 Merewether Building
Sydney University Facilities Notes Campus 2010 + Building for the future  
The first University to be constructed in Australia, previously those wishing to obtain a university education were required to travel abroad. The university is a heritage cultural landscape containing buildings of exceptional individual value set within a designed landscape with large areas enclosed by a historic fence. The place developed into a series of precincts each with a special character. The continuing function of the institution as a University is also of exceptional cultural significance. An important Sydney landmark, containing what is probably the most significant group of Gothic Revival buildings in the country.

The Act to incorporate and endow the University was passed in 1850 and the infant institution was temporarily accommodated in the defunct Sydney College building. By 1853 a site for the University and four denominational colleges had been selected at the Grose Farm, south of Parramatta Road.

The first buildings were constructed on a ridge looking towards Sydney. In the hollow to the west of the ridge were located the ovals and the individual colleges. A Medical School was established that was associated with the development of the nearby teaching hospital, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. The hospital is located to the west of the University campus, between two of the colleges. The Medical school was originally intended to be sited between the two institutions however a more prestigious site adjacent to the main quadrangle was selected. Gradually more faculties were added. The original formal approach to the east of the main quadrangle is now a public park: Victoria Park. The university expanded considerably in the twentieth century and now occupies buildings across City Road and the Institute Building. The place includes extensive developed gardens, ovals, avenues and other open spaces with terracing, stairs, fountains and paving and extensive iron and stone fencing with major gateways.

Howells, Trevor “University of Sydney Architecture”, Watermark, Sydney 2007. (special thanks to the Sydney Uni Facilities history website)


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