Sydney Architecture Images- Building Types

Sydney Civil and Public (Government) Buildings

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  Customs House, Circular Quay. Chief Secretary's Office
 Macquarie Street
Leichhardt Town Hall
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  Government House  Old Government House, Parramatta Land Titles Office
off Macquarie Street
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  Colonial Secretary General (Intercontinental Hotel) Macquarie Street Former Supreme Court and Registry Office Leichhardt Post Office 
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  Glebe Town Hall Glebe Post Office  Glebe Police Station
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  Glebe Courthouse Leichhardt Town Hall Sydney Town Hall 
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Balmain Post Office and Courthouse

North Sydney Post Office Pyrmont Post Office
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  Newtown Courthouse Darlinghurst Courthouse Victoria Barracks
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  Paddington Post Office Paddington Town Hall Lands Department Building
off Macquarie Street



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  Redfern Post Office Newtown Post Office Annandale Post Office
  CBD-EDU-03.jpg (63231 bytes)    
  Education Dept.    
  Chatswood Concourse