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Subterranean Sydney
Never used platforms 25 and 26 at Central Station, above the eastern suburbs platforms. Similar ones exist at Redfern, having been built during the eastern suburbs line building in the 1960s and never used. Photo- Special thanks to
The Tunnel at the Redfern end of Platform 26 at Central viewed from the platform on February 21, 1998.
Redfern's half built platforms. This view is looking towards Central. On the left is the tunnel mouth for the up track going under Lawson Street and the Illawarra lines. On the right are the girders for the down platform. This view shows that the two platforms were to be at different levels. The up platform was to be at the same level as Platform 11, and the down platform was to be at the same level as Platform 10. Photos taken on November 23rd, 1998. Photo- Special thanks to David Johnson's Sydney Underground Photos
The lake under Hyde Park (I used to swim there as a schoolboy- very clear beautiful water) at St. James railway station.
St James Tunnels:
Two tunnels separated by St. James railway station, one extending
southwards towards central, contains WW2 air raid shelters and remains of
railway tunnel to go to bondi and to the north under hyde park towards
Circular quay, a disused shunting neck and the infamous "lake st james" and
large body of water and a shaft, remains of an entry for building of the
Wynyard tram tunnels:
Starts of North shore side of platform behind wall, concourse of tram
tunnels do not remain, heads towards menzies hotel, heads through hotel car
park, eastern tunnel, past the car park used as police firing range, western
one, entry past the air dusts, on the other side train tunnels, heads
towards harbour bridge, portholes of tunnels can be seen at southern end of
bridge under road, on pedestrian footpath side.
Tunnels under domain:
True perhaps? rumour has it that there was a tunnel under there used for the
old tram depot? there once was a air raid shelter under here, perhaps this
could be part of it.
Bankstown bunker to bankstown airport:
Hell no, it was a "supposive" escape tunnel to the airport but, this has not
been found, nor has the "third"level. Link-
Glebe tunnel: (see Glebe Light Rail)
Ran under the sreets of glebe, go on the tram from jubilee park to wentworth park and you will go through it.
The Tunnel at the Waverton end of North Sydney. This view is the track from Platform 2, with the disused tunnel towards Warringah on the left on November 17th, 1998. Photo- Special thanks to David Johnson's Sydney Underground Photos
North sydney tunnels:
On the old north shore line, near lavender bay and a uncompleted tunnel
in waverton (in waverton tunnel) for the-to-be railway to manly, there are
also several tunnels that can not be seen on this route, along the way to
Yes but were not used, now storm water drainage, was spose't to be used for old railway.
Tunnel under broadway:
Yes, oldest tunnel in NSW, used for darling harbour(old) goods line, now
used for what is to be the joint powerhouse/pedestrian walkway/siding.
Tunnels just out side sydney: dombarton tunnel (above, photo David Johnson), glenbrook glowworm, cowan
bank tunnels.