sydney architecture images booklist

Johnson, Chris, Shaping Sydney, 1999

Herman, Morton, The Architecture of Victorian Sydney, 1964

Lawrence, Joan and Warne, Catherine, Balmain to Glebe, 1995

MacDonnell, Freda, The Glebe: Portraits and Places, 1975

Smith, Bernard and Kate, The Architectural Character of Glebe, 1989
Australian Architecture                  
100 Top Houses from Down Under Beaver, R. (Ed)
Presenting some of Australia & New Zealand’s most contemporary residential architecture, this latest book from Images is a collection covering many differing sized buildings in a variety of differing locales. Whether inner-city or rural & coastal, there is a strong desire to interact with the surrounding landscape as well as addressing issues of sustainability. Images,
Australia , 2005, 347pp, HB. $A85.00 (13/10)

Aardvark: a guide to contemporary Melbourne architecture.  Evans, D. (Ed)
RMIT, Aust, 1998. 210pp, PB/CD.
$A O/P 2001 see aardvark website

Accidental Developer, The: The fascinating rise to the top of Mirvac Founder Henry Pollack  Pollack, H.
An insight into the life & times of one of Australia’s major developers. ABCAust 2005, 346pp, PB. $A 32.95

Alex Popov
: Buildings and projects  McGillick, P. photos by Carlstrom, K.
Reflecting the strong influences of his Danish years, Popov has discovered that the open forms and the spirit of place which mark the Scandinavian tradition translate wonderfully to the very different landscape of Australia. This monograph is an excellent addition to the books currently available on Australia's architects. Menges, Germany, 2002, 128pp, HB.
$A 128.00

Apartment Living: Australian style  Reed-Burns, J.
Apartment Living documents the rise of the apartment block since they first began to alter the skylines of Australia's capital cities. From the earliest luxury flats, to the mid-century classics, converted warehouses & the new breed of cutting-edge, architect-designed buildings that have made apartment living fashionable again, this book opens the doors to them all. High-density living imposes certain conditions, so there's also a chapter detailing practical solutions to considerations such as privacy, noise, lighting, storage & making the most of indoor & outdoor space. From its elevated viewpoint, Apartment Living offers more than a bird's eye look at apartment living around Australia today. Hardie Grant, Australia, 2004, 184pp, HB. $A 59.95

Architecture and Climate Change 
Szokolay, S.V.
RAIA, Australia, 1992, 70pp, PB. $A 13.15

Architecture from the Edge:
The 20th Century in Tasmania  McNeill & Woolley
Montpellier, Australia, 2002, 112pp, HB. $A 60.00

Architecture in Steel:
The Australian context. Ogg, A.
RAIA Education, Aust, 1989, 254pp, PB. $A 46.20

Architecture on Campus: A guide to the University of Melbourne and it's Colleges  Goad, P.
Much like Goad's 'Guide to Melbourne Architecture', this a small and succinct publication exploring the history, meaning and intentions of the structures that create the university of Melbourne in Parkville. From early Victorian, to International Modern Style to contemporary buildings of this millennium, the University has grown into a small city that  35 000 students call home. Photographs, facts and informed opinions describe the depth and beauty of this Melbourne landmark. Published to celebrate the Melbourne University Sesquicentenary. (150 years). MUP, Australia, 2003, 134pp, PB. $A 24.95

Architecture of East Australia, The 
MacMahon, B.
Axel Menges, Australia, 2001, 252pp, PB. $A 69.95

Art Deco Architecture in Australia: A spirit of progress   Van Daule, P. & Lumby, R.
Craftsman House, Australia, 1997, 228pp, HB. $A 100.00

Art Deco in Australia: Sunrise over the Pacific
  Ferson, M. & Nilsson,M.
Craftsman, Australia, 2001, 204pp, HB. $A 100.00

Art of Keeping House, The: Historic Houses Trust
Aimed at the contemporary home furnisher, The Art of Keeping House is a well-researched, lavishly illustrated guide to furnishing, presenting, cleaning and general house-keeping issues. The book draws on the Historic Houses Trust's expertise and properties, a factor that distinguishes the book from other house and lifestyle books on the market. All major authors are experts in their field, being either Trust curators or reputable architect advisers. Covering house interiors from the nineteenth century to the 1950s, the book is arranged along the components of interior living spaces: walls and ceilings; floors; lighting; door and window furniture; upholstery; dining; beds; tables; flowers and so on. Hardie Grant, Australia, 2004, 207pp, PB. $A 55.00

Aurora Place: Renzo Piano Sydney  Metcalf, A.
Watermark, Australia, 2001, 151pp, HB. $A 99.00

Austral Eden: 200 years of Australian architecture  Bingham-Hall, P.
Watermark, Australia, 1999, 256pp, HB. $A 60.50

Australian Architecture Now  Jackson, D. & Johnson, C.
Case studies, major essays & concise chapters give a penetrating analysis of contemporary Australian architecture as we enter the new millennium. T&H, UK, 2000, 264pp, PB. $A 59.95

Australian Architecture Since 1960  Taylor, J.
1960 to 1990, 30 years of contemporary Australian architecture is the focus of Prof. Taylor's book. She discusses the architecture in the context of the culture that bought it about and supports the text with photographs that reveal the particular qualities of the new buildings. Well illustrated, best value book in the list. RAIA Education, Australia, 1990, 265pp, HB. $A 21.95
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Australian Beach Houses: Living by the sea  Reed-Burns J. & Drew. P.
23 houses ranging from simple fibro homes to grounded, earth hugging dwellings are presented in a book which also touches
on types of seaside gardens and draws inspiration from details common to coastal regions. Lansdowne, Australia, 1999, 192pp, HB. $A 54.95

Australian Gothic: The gothic revival in Australian architecture from the 1840's to the 1950's  Andrews, B.
MUP, Australia, 2001, 194pp, HB. $A 89.95

Australian House, The:
Homes of the tropical North  Saini, B. & Joyce, R.
Lansdowne, Australia, 1994 (reprinted 2002), 127pp, HB. $A 28.55

Australian House Styles
  Stapleton, M. & I.
Using annotated line drawings the Stapleton's identify the twenty two distinct house styles built in Australia since 1788. Flannel Flower, Australia, 1997, 105pp, HB. $A O/P

Australian Metropolis, The: A planning history  Hamnett, S & Freetone, R
"The Australian Metropolis provides a single-volume introduction to the development of urban planning in Australia. By setting the evolution of Australian planning within its broader societal context, the Australian Metropolis presents a balanced appraisal of the positive, negative and ambivalent legacies resulting from attempts to plan Australia's major cities". This book includes 10 essays on the nature and development of urban planning in Australia, from historical and contemporary perspectives. Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2000, 229pp, PB. $A 45.00

Australian Modern  Goad, P.,  Wilken, R. & Willis J.
Australian Modern offers a unique pictorial overview of the work of Stephenson and Turner. Their buildings signified the vanguard of Australian modernism and represented the results of the most up-to-date research into building designs for health, commerce and industry. The firm's expertise in hospital architecture, for example, earned them an international reputation, and for Arthur Stephenson, a knighthood and the prestigious RIBA Gold Medal. The sheer quantity and ubiquitous nature of the firm's output, from the 1920s to the 1970s, has affected the lives of countless numbers of everyday Australians. Landmark buildings in Melbourne include the MCG's Members' Stand and Long Room, Jessie McPherson Community Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Freemasons Hospital, St Vincents Hospital, Royal Banking Chambers of the E.S. and A. Bank, Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Building, and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Their Sydney buildings are equally impressive, with the United Dental Hospital and the IBM Centre redefining the city's architecture. Stephenson and Turner also worked on several prominent projects as far afield as France, United States, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Iraq and South Africa. MUP, Australia, 2004, 144pp, PB. $A 45.00

Australian Urban Planning:
new challenges, new agendas  Gleeson, B. & Low, N.  
Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2000 274pp, PB. $A 39.95

Australia's Home
  Boyd, R.
MUP, Australia, 1987, 237pp, PB. $A O/P

Avalon: Art & Life of an Apartment Building  Felipe, R.
Profile of a 75 year old building and its occupants, subject of a Museum of Brisbane exhibition, which gave an overview of current visual art practice in Queensland’s subtropical capital. Museum of Brisbane & Vanity, Aust 2005, 288pp HB. $A 30.00

Avalon: landscape & harmony  Roberts, J. (Ed)
Walter Burley Griffin, Alexander Stewart Jolly & Harry Ruskin Rowe.
Ruskin, Australia, 1999, 104pp, HB. $A 54.95

James Barnet Vol 3 Johnson, C., Kohane, P. Bingham-Hall, P.
Pesaro, Australia, 2000, 96pp, PB.  $A 55.00

Bates Smart: 1852-2004  Goad, P.
Featuring stunning drawings and photographs, Bates Smart: 150 Years of Australian Architecture Charts the development of a nations architecture through the work and personalities of a single architectural practice. With a diverse range of projects and varying scales, the firm that has developed from Joseph Reed in 1853 to Bates Smart today, this book as a great collection of a their huge body of work. T&H, UK, 2004, 311pp, HB. $A 120.00

Beach Houses of Australia & New Zealand   Crafti, S.
As the author states, "what makes these beach houses unique is the energy and determination of the architects and their vision for specific sites. While architecture in the cities is often forced to conform to existing structures, the beach house can be a voice to steer architecture in new directions." Ranging from the modest to the grandiose, the 35 beach house featured have one thing in common, good design.
Images,  Australia, 2000, 160pp, HB. $A 39.95

Beach Houses 2  Crafti, S.
Following the great success of the first "Beach Houses " published in 2000, comes a second volume presenting 54 of the latest designs from the antipodes. From the compact 10 squares by David Luck to the sweeping complex of Allan Powell, the designing of beach houses has allowed the  architects the opportunity to embrace their visions without the constraints of inner city communities. Images, Australia, 2003, 192pp, HB. $A 59.95.

Beach Houses of Australia & New Zealand 1&2  Crafti, S.
Images, Australia, 2000/2003, 160pp/192pp, HB. $A 79.95 Special Price

Between Devotion and Design: the architecture of John Cyril Hawes  Taylor, J.
This book is the first to focus solely towards the built and unbuilt works of the Australian Priest/Architect. The projects are presented chronologically in what is an extensively researched, documented and illustrated guide to his work. Including extracts from his  own diary and comments on the twentieth century Australian architectural discourse, this beautiful book is inspiring as well as informative. UWAP, Australia, 2001, 406pp, HB. $A 89.95

Building for Nature:
Walter Burly Griffin and Castlecrag  Walker, M., Kabos, A. & Weirick, J.
Walter Burley Griffin Society, Australia, 1994, 80pp, PB. $A 32.95

Building Materials, Energy & the Environment:
towards ecologically sustainable development  Lawson, B.
RAIA, Australia, 1996, 135pp, PB. $A O/P

Building Your Own Home:
A comprehensive guide for Australian owner builders  Wilkie, G. & Arden, S.
3rd edition revised and updated for GST. Covers all questions posed in building a house from selecting your land to applying the last coat of paint. Includes additional material from the now unavailable “Alteration and Additions to your Home. Lansdowne, Australia, 2003, PB. $A 39.95

Builders to the Nation: the AV Jennings Story  Garden, D.
MUP, Australia, 1992, 417pp, PB. $A P/A

Californian Bungalow in Australia, The 
Butler, G.
Lothian Books, Aust, 1995, 154pp, PB. $A 49.95

Canberra 1912: plans & planners of the Australian Capital competition
MUP, Australia, 1997, 494pp, HB. $A 65.95

Canberra Architecture 
Metcalf, A.
Since its very inception, Canberra has aroused interest not only because it is a completely planned city, but also for its continually expanding body of architecture. Now, with this new Guide to Canberra Architecture, the visitor can sally forth with detailed information about all of the major buildings in Australia's fascinating capital. The Guide to Canberra Architecture will help you to experience it in real time and in person. Watermark, Australia, 2003, 173pp, PB. $A 39.60

Canberra Following Griffin: a design history of Australia's National Capital  Ried, P.
The National Archives of Australia have compiled most all of their material on Canberra and published it in this beautiful volume on our capital. From the initial planning by Walter Burley Griffin to it's present day condition, the book documents the intentions and the outcomes the city has undertaken in the last century. Slowly transforming and constantly being re-assessed, the design process is documented beautifully in drawings, aerial photographs and informed text. Bringing in anthropological, geographical and cultural perspectives from a selection of authors, this publication is easily the best on the subject. National Archives of Australia, Canberra, 2002, 378pp, HB. $A 90.00

Caring for Old Houses
  Evans, I.
Flannel Flower, Australia, 1988. 160pp, HB. $A P/A

Carlton: A history  Yule P.
This marvellous account of Carlton offers unique insights into one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs. The reader can fight the epic political battles of the past as recounted by John Button, take part in street theatre with Bill Garner, watch the building of elegant terraces of Drummond Street with Miles Lewis, stroll through Melbourne General Cemetery with Don Chambers & Celestina Sagazio as well as many other historical sites within Carlton. With over 250 illustrations, this history of Carlton richly evokes the many influences that made Carlton a vibrant, exciting & influential suburb. MUP, Australia, 2004, 570pp, HB. $A 59.95  Now available in Paperback $A 39.95

Cities of Hope 
Hamann, C.
Aust Arch & Design by Edmond & Corrigan 1962-92 Oxford University, Australia, 1993, 199pp, PB. $A O/P

Clearings Six Colonial Gardeners and Their Landscapes Fox P.
MUP Aust 2004 272pp HB $A59.95   Now available in paperback
$A 39.95

Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses
  Evans, I. Lucas, C. Stapleton, I.
Flannel Flower, Australia, 1985, 108pp, PB. $A 34.95

(More) Colour Schemes for Old Australian Houses  Evans, I.,  Lucas, C. & Stapleton, I.
Flannel Flower, Australia, 1992, 123pp, PB. $A - reprinting no date

Concrete Poetry: Concrete Architecture in Australia
 Rollo, J.
Joe Rollo's new book celebrating the power and grace of concrete in architecture. A personal journey through 36 buildings and structures from the 1950's to the present. Cement Concrete & Aggregates, Australia, 2004, 171pp, HB. $A 125.00

Contemporary Melbourne Architecture  Rollo, J.
MUP, Australia, 2000, 192pp, PB. $A 39.95

Contemporary Australian Architecture
  Graham, J.
By documenting 45 buildings produced between 1976 and 1991 Jahn  is able to trace the development and implementation of new and innovative ideas in Australia's architecture. Craftsman, Australia, 1996, 240pp, HB. $A 104.50

Cool: The 60's Brisbane House  Avery, T., Dennis, P. & Whitman P.
Including essays by Philip Goad and Jennifer Taylor this catalogue is a collection of the body of work from the exhibition held at QUT, commemorating Brisbane's take on the modernist house. ABC, Australia, 2004, 48pp, PB. $A 20.00

Denton Corker Marshall:
rule playing & the ratbag element Beck, H. & Cooper, J.
Birkhauser, Switzerland, 2000, 251pp, HB.  $A O/P

Designing Australia: Readings in the history of design  Bogle, M. (Ed)
Containing a selection of essays on a variety of themes associated with the role of the designer in Australia, from our Colonial roots to present day. The aim of this book is to allow the reader to sample some of the issues associated with designing for the serial production of objects and architecture. Featuring essays from Grant Featherston, Best Overend & Norman H. Seabrook to name but a few. Pluto, Australia, 2002, 250pp, PB. $A 39.95

Designing for Urban Living
Judd, B.
Recent medium-density group housing in Australia. RAIA, Australia, 1993, 112pp, PB. $A 19.80

Design Research  Downton, P.
"Design is a way of inquiring, a way of producing knowing and knowledge; this means it is a way of researching. That is the central proposition of this book. . . It looks at the relationship of research to design and considers them both as ways of inquiring about the world and as ways of contributing to individual knowing and disciplinary knowledge." Research and works by Peter Downton. RMIT, Australia, 2003, 136pp, PB. $A 27.50

Details In Australian Architecture Vol 1
  Pegrum, R.
RAIA Education, Australia, 1987, 111pp, PB. $A 16.50

Details In Australian Architecture Vol 2Pegrum R.
RAIA Education, Australia, 1987, 111pp, PB. $A 16.50

Donaldson + Warn: Crossing Midfield 
London, G. & Richards, D.
Birkhauser, Switzerland, 2000, 127pp, PB. $A 95.00

Dream Home  Wakely, M.
A book from Australian Mark Wakely that asks what our homes mean to us. But not from the rarefied view of the architects drafting table not from the set of the TV renovation show. It takes as its starting point everyday people and their everyday houses. Filled with personal anecdotes and insight and many question that are answered by Wakely, this book is an exploration of a universal subject - our homes. Allen & Unwin, Australia, 2003, 227pp, PB. $A 29.95

Durbach Block
  Margalit, H & Goad, P
Pesaro, Australia, 1999, 95pp, PB. $A 20.00

Emery Vincent Design  Cooper, J
Images, Australia, 2000, 247pp, HB. $A 79.95

Empire on Display
Indian and Australian Exhibitions from the Crystal Palace to the Great War. University of California Press, Berkeley, 2001, 419pp, HB. $A 106.00

Encyclopaedia of Melbourne   Brown-May, A. & Swain, S. (Eds)
Great cities deserve great encyclopaedias. A city is known by its past, its characteristic virtues, troubles, & its ways of life.  Reflecting & encompassing the city's historical position as one of the world's pre-eminent nineteenth century metropolises, & as one of the twenty-first century's most liveable cities. Alphabetical entries range from short factual summaries about places, institutions & events, through to extended survey articles on key topics such as Architecture, Aboriginal Melbourne, Economy, Foundation & Early Settlement, Law & Order, Literature, Science, Sport, Suburbia, Theatre & Transport. 
CUP , UK , 2005, 864pp, HB. $A150.00

Essential But Unplanned:
the Story of Melbourne's Lanes.  Bate, W.
State Library Victoria, Australia, 1994, 124pp, HB. $A O/P

Exquisite Apart: 100 years of architecture in New Zealand  Walker, C. (Ed)
Marking the centenary of the New Zealand Institute of Architects by gathering together a selection of buildings, people &opinions that both celebrate & critique many assumptions & expectations about what constitutes an authentically New Zealand architecture. NZIA, New Zealand, 2005, 248pp, HB. $A85.00

Federation House, The: Australia's own style Fraser, H. Joyce, R.
Lansdowne, Australia, 1993, 127pp, PB. $A 29.95

Federation House
, The: Restoration guide  Evans, E.
The history of the period of domestic building is combined with  a guide to restoration as each chapter addresses a salient feature  eg. plaster, fireplaces, fences. Flannel Flower Press, Australia, 1988, PB. $A 34.95

Federation Square  Day, N. et al
Finally a book to explain the Federation Square project, including the logistics of constructing a deck over the Jolimont Rail Yards to the intricate geometry of the facades and the technology of the Labyrinth and the engineering feat of the atrium. Incorporating stunning photographs, and text. Hardie Grant, Australia, 2003, 112pp, HB. $A 34.95 Now Available in Paperback
$A 29.95

Fibro Frontier, The:
A different history of Australian architecture  Pickett, C.
Doubleday, Australia, 1997, 122pp, PB. $A P/A

Fluid City: Transforming Melbourne’s urban waterfront  Dovey, K.
Tracing the transformation of Melbourne’s urban waterfront from 1983 to2003. It portrays the fluid city in terms of intersecting flows of “desire” – for identity, views, power & profits, whilst asking how we reconcile these “desires” with public interests. UNSW, Australia, 2004, 277pp, PB. $A 59.95

Francis Greenway Architect 
Broadbent, J. & Hughes, J.
HHT, Australia, 2001, 112pp, PB. $A 34.95

From the Suburbs: building a nation from our neighbourhoods 
Latham, M.
"From the Suburbs" is a collection of Mark Latham's papers over the past two years, reflecting his work as a creative and assertive Labor frontbencher. Latham defines the direction he believes the ALP should head as a party  - with a radical edge. He wants to spread power and wealth widely across our society, bringing economic assets and cultural influence into the hands of the outsiders in Australia's vast suburbs and towns. It is a fantastic to begin the design process for delivering socially responsible spaces and structures to the Australian public. Pluto, Australia, 2003, 150pp, PB. $A 24.95

Fundamental Building Materials 3rd edition  Ward-Harvey, K.
RAIA, Australia, 1997. 118pp, PB. $A 30.25

Gabriel Poole: space in which the soul can play 2nd Edition  Walker, B.
Winner of the RAIA's Gold Medal in 1998, Gabriel Poole is one of Australia's outstanding architectural talents. This timely publication will introduce his work to a wider audience both nationally and internationally. Over 200 photographs, and 50 plans, sections and drawings accompany the notes that provide the reader with quick reference to his major works. Author Bruce Walker has used interviews with leading contemporaries and clients to achieve a unique vision of Poole's architectural style. Visionary, Australia. 2003, 143pp, PB. $A 64.95

Gardens in Australia:
Their design and care  Walling, E.
Blooming, Australia, 1999, 148pp, HB. $A 49.50

George, The: St. Kilda life and times  Upton, G.
A colourful and fascinating history of the infamous George Hotel in vibrant St. Kilda's Fitzroy St. "From elegance to decadence, bloodhouse to boutique, the George Hotel has seen it all. High on the Hill, the George has been witness to St. Kilda's history across three centuries." Well researched and beautifully presented, it is a refreshing take on history, devoid of any dusty stuffiness and broad in topics of interest. Venus Bay, Australia, 2002, 143pp, PB. $A 38.95

Glenn Murcutt: A Singular Architectural Practice...
Glen Murcutt: A singular architectural practice  Beck, H. & Cooper, J.
Glenn Murcutt is one of the world's most celebrated living architects, and is widely hailed as Australia's architect laureate. He has been awarded
the 2002 Pritzker Prize in May 2002, and is one of only seven recipients of the prestigious Alvar Aalto Medal. Full-colour photography, much of it
supplied from the architect's private collection, and a comprehensive selection of drawings and concept sketches, are complemented by Glenn's
own notes, and the insightful commentary of internationally recognised architectural editors, Professor Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper. This is the
definitive book on Murcutts work, life and ethos. Images, Australia, 2005, 256pp, PB. $A 49.95

Glenn Murcutt: Buildings & projects 1962-2003  Fromonot, F.
This newly revised and greatly expanded version of Fromonot's original 1996 book, adds 10 new projects to the original 23. Much of the work has been rephotographed, extra drawings and plans have been added, and the accompanying text has been expanded. The introductory essay has been recast, and Fromonot offers a complete reassessment of Murcutts career in the light of the Pritzker Prize, and the influence he has had on a new generation of architects. T&H, UK, 2005, 325pp, PB. $A 79.95

Sean Godsell:
Works & projects  with an essay by van Schaik, L.
Sean Godsell is r
ecognised as one of Australia’s leading architectural talents and, with an increasing international reputation, this monograph documenting his work so far is a welcome addition to the very few books available on Australian architects and architecture. It documents 23 of his projects, ranging from the infamous Carter/Tucker House featured on the front cover, to his prototype Future Shack, a prefabricated emergency relief-housing unit made from a recycled shipping container. Beautifully photographed, it and includes plans, sketches and elevations plus some of his unbuilt competition entries for larger scale buildings. Electa, Italy, 2005, 161pp, HB. $A 89.95

Gordon Ford: the natural Australian garden   Ford, G.
Blooming, Australia, 1999, 114pp, HB. $A 39.50

Antony Gormley: Inside Australia  Brody, H., Bond, A. & Gormley, A.
Showcasing this Turner Prize-winning artist, with the 51-statue installation on
Lake Ballard , a 10 square kilometre dry salt lake in a remote region of Western Australia . Photographs, maps & drawings present the entire creative process in detail, while commentaries explain its different stages & place the work in the wider context of Gormley's sculptural oeuvre. The centrepiece of the book is a photographic section showing the figures standing sentinel on the parched salt plains. T & H , UK , 2005, 176pp, HB. $A69.95 (24/10)

Green City, The: Sustainable homes, sustainable suburbs  Low, N., Gleeson, B., Green, R. & Radović, D.
In “The Green City” a multi-disciplinary team of Australian professionals explain how ecological sustainability can be embodied in the everyday life of homes, communities and cities. UNSW Press, Australia, 2005, 247pp, PB. $A 39.95

Greening Sydney: landscaping the urban fabric  Johnson, C.
Government Architect Publications, Australia, 2003, 244pp, PB. $A 33.00

Griffin Legacy, The: Canberra - the nation’s capital in the 21st century  MacKenzie, S. et al
Presenting a new plan for the heart of the nation's capital, the Central National Area & its approaches, here we are  shown how central Canberra could look like in twenty to fifty years if we build on the city's unique foundations. The grand civic design envisaged by Burley Griffin & Marion Mahony Griffin meets the challenges of sustainability in the 21st century. National Capital Authority, Australia, 2004, 206pp, PB. $A 65.00

Griffins in Australia and India:
The complete works and projects of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin  Turnbull, J. & Navaretti, P.
This will be the first of two volumes that will record all known work- buildings and projects- of the Griffins. It will also cite all the known sources of information about their works. The companion volume, covering the work done in the USA prior to their arrival in Australia in 1914, is being prepared by two American scholars. Together the volumes will reveal the truth and significance of the Griffin's work, unimpeded by the sometimes mischievous perception that they were merely the followers of Frank Lloyd Wright. Miegunyah, Australia, 1999, 443pp, HB. $A

H2O Architecture  Crafti, S.
All enhanced by water, the homes featured in this book are diverse, with a vast collection of apartments, townhouses; small terraces as well as large homes. Featuring many well-known & renowned Australian architects, it is another concise edition from the prolific Stephen Crafti. Suppling the reader with fantastic photographs as well as plans & elevations of almost every project. Images, Aust 2005, 216pp, HB. $A 85.00

Hand and the Chisel, The: The life & work of Lewis John Godfrey  Foote, J.
Godfrey was a master in an elite trade of carving, rendering amazing forms from wood and stone with a grace and perfection that could be borne of talent and patience. He worked on both minute wooden carvings through to carved facades of public buildings &churches in Australia. This book is a record of his work. Circa, Australia, 2004, 76pp, PB. $A 39.95

Harold Desbrowe-Annear: a life in architecture  Edquist H.
Harold Desbrowe-Annear was an enigma: an architect who counted among his clients some of Melbourne's wealthiest families & among his friends a wide range of bohemian artists & writers. In this beautifully illustrated & highly readable biography, Harriet Edquist explores both the multifaceted work & unconventional life of this intriguing man, a life that was sometimes scandalous & always eventful. MUP, Australia, 2004, 313pp, HB. $A 69.95

Hayes & Scott:
Post-war houses  Wilson, A.
Showcasing the work of these influential Queensland-based architects. This book of their work highlights the strong influence of the Bauhaus & features their house designs & a catalogue of their projects & essays by architectural historians. UQP, Australia, 2005, 112pp, PB. $A 30.00

Human Scale in Architecture: George Molnar's Sydney  Holder, Freestone & Kerr
Through the drawings and interviews of George Molnar - we understand the urban landscape of Sydney as readers have understood it through his humorous cartoons in the Sydney Morning Herald over the past 50 years. A good laugh, a great read and an enduring story - this is the best way to get an insight from all angles. Craftsman House, Australia, 2003, 152pp HB. $A 66.00

John Hitch: record of a life in architecture  Hitch, J.
One of the few monographs or biographies on an Australian Architect, this is a beautifully executed publication. Documenting in great detail the life and work of John Hitch, it takes us on a journey from childhood in England to working with the likes of Louis Kahn. From a historical perspective this book is all too valuable as Australians are losing records of a generation of brilliant architects. From an architectural perspective, it is both informative and inspirational, well worth the read. Australia, 2002, 174pp, PB. $A 45.00

John Horbury Hunt: radical architect 1938 - 1904 
Reynolds, Muir & Hughes
Responsible for some of the most spectacular regional architecture in Australian, Hunt has been a cornerstone of Australia's architectural development since he arrived from Canada in the mid 1800's. Historic Houses Trust of NSW, Australia, 2002, 166pp, PB. $A 54.95
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Invention Intervention  Douglas, M. (Ed)
Addressing recent ideas about research & technological innovations in industrial design in Australia.RMIT Aust2004, 129pp, PB. $A 33.00

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Judging Architecture - Issues, Division Triumphs Goad, P. & Gollings, J.
To mark the 75th year of the tradition of giving awards to Victoria’s best buildings, the RAIA Victorian Chapter has published this book. It carries
30 of our leading architects, writers and thinkers to look at past winners in a new eye and in a new time. In doing so they have established a new
list of the 35 best buildings built in Victoria over the past 75 years. Original buildings have been photographed to sit against photo's of their original
context, illustrating time as an impact through landscape and interference. Edited by Philip Goad and Photographed by John Gollings. RAIA,
Australia, 2003, 316pp, HB. $A 99.00

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Leaves of Iron: Glen Murcutt, pioneer of an Australian architectural form  Drew, P.
A&R, Australia, 1985, 149pp, PB. $A O/P

Richard Leplastrier: Spirit of Nature and Wood Architecture Award 2004
The third recipient of the international Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award, Richard Leplastrier, showing in particular how he uses wood in his architecture. The nine projects featured in the book date from 1974 until 2000, and are all situated in Australia. The featured projects are: private houses and studios Lovett Bay House, Palm Garden House, Bellingen House and Studio, Tom Uren House, Rainforest House, Cloudy Bay Retreat, Watson’s Bay House, Blue Mountains House and Studio and Leplastrier’s boat Dorothy. Rakkennustieto, Finland, 2004, 80pp, PB. $A 65.00

Living in Sydney
This book would be more aptly titled if the cover said "Living in an architecturally designed house with the right postcode, fabulous furniture and a view to die for in Sydney". The lucky few who experience this lifestyle have opened their doors to let photographer Giorgio Possenti into their lives. All architecture is contemporary and beautifully presented in what could only be described as coffee table book. Taschen, Germany, 2002, 199pp, HB. $A 49.95

Life and Work of Guilford Bell, Architect 1912-1992  van Schaik, L. (Ed)
Bookman, Australia, 1999, 303pp, PB.
$A P/A

Local Heroes: Architects of Australia's Sunshine Coast  Hyatt, P.
Providing an exciting overview of a group of Queensland architects whose work is winning national and international acclaim: Gabriel Poole, John Mainwaring and Lindsay & Kerry Clare. The book is organised by practice, with approximately 30 projects in total. There is written collaboration from Sir Zelman Cowen and James Grose, an essay by Peter Hyatt, and architect statements. A beautifully presented book with substantial detail and supporting information. Excellent value. Craftsman House, Australia, 2000, 224pp, PB.
$A 60.00

Making the Most of Small Spaces
  Crafti, S.
New urban and inner suburban conditions are making available amazing, but small and challenging sites. But for the client who embraces this condition and seeks to experience new methods of living, the challenge can really pay off. This book looks at a range of Australian projects, where room is scarce but space is maximised, creating interesting, enjoyable and rewarding places to live. Includes work by Charles McBride Ryan, Jackson Clements Burrows, BBP, Daniel van Cleemput, SJB, Sean Godsell, William Orr, Steven Varady, Neometro, Kerstin Thompson, Harmer, Maddisson, McGauran Giannini Soon, Six Degrees, David Luck and many more. It's great to see a broad range of all-Australian work. Images, Australia, 2002, 176pp, HB.
$A 59.95

Making More of Small Spaces
Crafti, S.
A secod volume of small space design in Australia. Includes work by Inarc, Neil + Idle, Neometro, and Studio 10. Images, Australia, 2003, 176pp, HB.
$A 59.95

A life of Jorn Utzon
 Drew, P.
"Utzon, a quintessential  Dane, has assiduously evaded the fame that has pursued him. He has been dogged by the phantom of his Opera House reputation and has resisted any serious critical reflection or comment on his work. It has taken 30 years of persistent research by architectural historian Phillip Drew to tear aside the curtain of myth obscuring Jorn Utzon's enigmatic character and write this biography of the man and his architecture. HGB, Australia, 1999, 574pp, PB. 
$A 39.95

Measure for Measure: A practical guide for recording buildings & landscapes  Dunbar, M. et al
RAIA, Australia, 1990,  64pp, PB.

Melbourne Book, The: A history of now   Coote M.
A modern chronicle of a unique city, this book is visual, passionate & informative, it tells the story of a city & its style, its people & its vivid past. Celebrating the very qualities that make Melbourne the worlds most liveable city. Follow Maree Coote around the city for a journey that will reveal new features to those who live here, & make those visiting wish they did. This is Melbourne, celebrated with love. HGB, Australia, 2004, 356pp, PB. $A 39.95

Melbourne Architecture a Guide  Goad, P.
The long-awaited companion guide to Sydney is now available. Written by Phillip Goad, widely respected as a critic and historian specialising in 20th century Australian architecture, it is divided into 10 chronological periods that give us the history of Melbourne through its buildings. Photographs by Patrick Bingham-Hall illustrate each page, and nine suggested tours with maps and photos complete the guide. Watermark, Australia, 1999, 256pp, PB.
$A 39.60

Melbourne's Grand Boulevard: The story of St. Kilda Road  Buckrick, J.
State Library of Victoria, Australia, 1996, 227pp, HB.
$A 54.95

Melbourne Style 1 & 2  Warrender, G.
A collection of houses from Melbourne. Compiled by Kay and Burton Real estate agents, these are houses that they have had on their listings. Full Colour Images predominantly with some text. Australia, 2003/2004, 120pp, HB. $A 49.95 & $A 69.95

Monumental Australian Architecture  Jian, S. (Ed)
This book features many of Australia's recent commercial and public architecture. Organised into sections to Public, Education, Sports and Office and Commercial, a number of buildings are analysed including Stadium Australia, Sydney  Museum, Brisbane Convention Centre and more. Includes work by Harry Seidler, DCM, Cox Group, DesignInc, Bligh Voller Nield, Crone Associates. BT Latitude, Australia, 2001, 220pp, HB. $A 58.00

National Museum of Australia:
Tangled destinies  A-R-M & Jencks, C.
The National Museum of Australia has been a long time coming; the idea can be traced back to the time of Federation in 1901. The Museum was designed by Melbourne-based architects Ashton Raggatt McDougall and Robert Peck von Hartel Trethowan. The project originated with an International Design Competition which the architects won in 1997, and it sits on an 11 hectare site on the Acton Peninsula on Lake Burley Griffin. This monograph looks at three aspects of the NMA complex: the architecture of the National Museum of Australia and the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies buildings, the landscape, and the exhibitions in the National Museum - through many pairs of eyes. As well as receiving national and international acclaim, the building recently won Blueprint Magazine's Best New Public Building Award, against entries from Nicholas Grimshaw and Zaha Hadid amongst others. This important building is superbly documented in this great new book, with essays and analysis by Charles Jencks, Dimity Reed and Michael Markham. Images, Australia, 2002, 180pp, HB.
$A 69.95

New Australia Style
  Gollings, J. & Michell, G.
Leading architectural photographer John Gollings and author George Michell have combined their talents to produce this exciting volume of Australian architecture showcasing outstanding new building across Australia. Divided into City, Suburb, Beach and Bush, over 50 outstanding houses and apartments, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs are illustrated and a directory  to the architects and designers is included at the books end. T&H, UK, 1999 208pp, PB.
$A 50.00

New Australian Style 2: Inner City Living  Golling, J. & Michell, G.
Apartments and townhouses, industrial conversions and extensions: "Inner City Living"  showcases some 50 projects across all the major cities of Australia. Such is the creative confidence of Australia today that the present and the future coexist comfortably with the past. This timely book celebrates the vitality of Australia as it reclaims and reinvents its urban heritage. T&H, UK, 2003, 208pp, HB. $A 75.00

New Conversations with an Old Landscape: Landscape architecture in contemporary Australia  Bull, C.
Finally there is a definitive book on the current climate of landscape architecture in Australia. This beautifully presented hardcover book sits perfectly in the office or on the coffee table and contains a well researched documentation of the varied and celebrated work of Landscape Architects from across the continent. Through photographs and text, the author brings to life an array of projects from highways to sculpture parks to waterfront developments. A long awaited yet rewarding book. Images, Australia, 2002, 160pp, HB. $A 69.95

New City, A:
Photographs of Melbourne's land boom  Morrison, I. (Ed)
In the summer of 1888-89, professional photographer Charles Bristow Walker ventured out of his studio into the streets & captured the splendour of Melbourne's boom. Little known in his own day & forgotten when he died, Walker's stunning photographs are now published for the first time. These photographs provide a lasting vision of a metropolis imbued with energy & dynamism, a glittering city in the days before the land boom went bust. The informed commentary from historians, librarians & archivists that accompanies the photographs reflects the social, cultural, economic & political significance of the scenes captured by Walker.  Miegunyah, Australia, 2003, 118pp, HB. $A 39.95

New Directions in Australian Architecture  Goad, P. & Bingham-Hall, P.
The work of 14 of Australia's most exciting architectural firms is show-cased in a handsome new volume from Pesaro Press. Philip Goad's perceptive text accompanies Patrick Binham-Hall's photographs. Whether using colour or black and white, Bingham-Hall's photos have a sharpness and beauty that makes every image count. NFK is represented by 13 projects and as with many of the others, this is the first time such a body of work has been presented in book form. The others are Andresen O'Gorman, ARM, Donovan Hill, Engelen Moore, Sean Godsell, Jones Coulter Young, Lyons Architects, Stutchbury & Pape, Kerstin Thompson, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, Troppo, John Wardle and Woods Marsh. Pesaro, Australia, 2001, 298pp, HB. $A 70.00

New Zealand Style  Murray, P. & Tartt, J.
Outdoor living, food, wine, relaxation & home ideas. Murray Books, Aust, 2004, 168pp, PB. $A 34.95

Olympic Architecture: Building Sydney 2000  Bingham-Hall, P.
The first book  to be published on the largest construction project in Australia's history. Apart from the excellent photography of Bingham-Hall and informative text, it includes maps, plans, cross sections and elevations, and details of architects, engineers and construction companies involved in this huge project. Watermark, Australia, 1999, 280pp, HB.
$A 93.50

Pacific Edge:
Contemporary architecture on the Pacific Rim Zellner, P.
With essays by Aaron Betsky, Davina Jackson and Akira Suzuki.  A brightly illustrated sourcebook of many and varied architects works from regions as diverse as Melbourne to Chile's Tierra del Fuego.T &H, UK, 1998, 224pp, HB.
$A 45.00 SPECIAL PRICE was $A 98.95 while stocks last...

Pacific Island  Ypma, H.
T&H, UK, 1996, 158pp, PB.
$A 43.95

Peddle Thorp Architects
: 100 selected projects 1984-94
Peddle Thorp, Australia, 1994, 208pp, HB.
$A O/P

Peter Stutchbury
: Of people and places between the bush and the beach  Drew, P.
Essays by Philip Goad & Neilsen Warren. Photos by Patrick Bingham-Hall. All Peter Stutchbury's projects have been designed to respond to their specific environment,  incorporating ecological sustainability into his houses as early as the 1980s. Philip Drew's text leads us through Stutchbury's career, analysing the stages of the architect's developing philosophies through examples of his work. Well illustrated with colour and black & white photographs. Pesaro, Australia, 2000, 124pp, PB.
$A 55.00

Pictorial Guide to Identifying Australian Architecture: Styles & terms from 1788 to the present  Apperly, R., Irving, R. & Reynolds, P.
A&R, Australia, 1995, 295pp, PB.
$A 45.00

Preter: RMIT architecture thesis projects 2002-2003  Harrison, S.
A collection of Students Final Year projects from 2002 - 2003. This book collectively demonstrates the major projects of RMIT Architecture Students by showcasing the varied techniques strategies of the students under the guidance of their supervisors. Each project contains a brief intention of the student as well as a response from their supervisors. RMIT, Australia, 2004, 144pp, PB. $A 33.00

Pugin at the Antipodes Creating a Gothic Paradise  Andrews, B.
Best known for his interiors of the British Parliament, Pugin brought to Australia a style which has been long since celebrated. Titled as an early-Victorian architect, designer and theorist, he is responsible for inspiring some of what we now call the Gothic Revival, such as Wardell's St. Patricks Cathedral. This book has been published to accompany the national touring exhibition of Pugin's Australian oeuvre, including furniture, textiles, stone and metal work, architectural drawings, photographs and original design drawings and the items manufactured from them, (mostly for use at the altar of a Catholic Church). Documented in detail, it also includes information on his architecture and work from Europe. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Australia, 2002, 246pp, PB.
$A P/A

Quarterly Essay # 9 Beautiful Lies: Population and environment in Australia  Flannery,T. (Ed)
Tim Flannery launches an attack on the various lies that we tell ourselves about our resources, our past and our future. From the lie of terra nullius that made us ignore the aborigines knowledge of the environment to the Snowy mountains Scheme that damaged our river system for the sake of white immigration, and the myths surrounding multiculturalism. The book concludes with questions of the ways in which we can discharge our responsibility to the refugees who are victims of American policies we collude with. Presenting wide set range of political, intellectual and cultural opinion Black Inc, Australia, 2003,119pp, PB. $A 11.95

Queensland House, The: History and conservation  Evans, I. & The National Trust of Queensland
The houses of Queensland are unique in Australia. Broad verandas shaded by gracefully curved expanses of roofing iron, tall stumps, lattice, roof ventilators, and a host of subtleties combine to give the Queensland house of the 19thC and 20thC its own special qualities and visual character. Evans has traced the history and evolution of this unique style and provided a comprehensive guide to the conservation of these houses that will help to preserve them into the 21stC. Flannel Flower, Australia, 2001, 148pp, HB.
$A 49.95

Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne, The: A guide  Willis, E.
This illustrated guidebook is an introduction to the rich history of the Royal Exhibition Building. It gives vivid descriptions of the great exhibitions and fascinating information on other activities that the building has accommodated, ranging from the opening of the first federal parliament to Ideal Home shows, a fever hospital after the First World War to a place for peace rallies and religious meetings. Museum Victoria, Australia, 2004, 64pp, PB. $A 19.95

Recent Houses Harry Seidler:
Houses and interiors 2 Abel, C. (Intro)
The work shown in this book, Harry Seidler's domestic architecture and Interior Designs. While the content of this book are mainly focused on the later houses, together with some apartments, the developments in his domestic architecture over the last thirty years cannot be fully understood without reference to the broader programme. Images, Australia, 2003, 144pp, HB. $A 65.95

Red Gold: The tree that built a nation  Vader, J.
The story of Australian red cedar and its importance in the building of a nation. New Holland, Australia, 2002, 240pp, PB.
$A 29.95

Request Response Reaction:
Designers of Australian & New Zealand
 Crafti, S.
Not quite architectural bit equally important to the progression of design culture in Australia, this book is the first of it's kind for many decades. Capturing some of the best Australian work in the fields of jewellery, furniture, lighting and photography, it marks an era where Australian design is it's own and these are the people who define it. Includes examples from Garry Emery, Ken Cato, John Gollings, Dinosaur Designs, Mari Funaki and Marc Newson. Images, Australia, 2002, 224pp, HB.
$A 79.95

Robin Boyd: A life  Serle, G.
A biographical history of this brilliant modern architect and fascinating man. MUP, Australia, 1995, 368pp, PB.
$A 35.00

Sacred Places:
War memorials in the Australian landscape  Inglis, K.
Miegunyah, Australia, 1998, 522pp, HB.
$A P/A 2nd Edition now available in Paperback $A 39.95

Seaport Sydney:
The making of the city landscape  Proudfoot, P.
UNSW Press, Australia, 1996, 311pp, PB.
$A 45.00

Grand Tour, The: Harry Seidler travelling the world with an Architect’s eye  Seidler, H.
A jam packed book of photos taken by Harry over the years from all over the world. The extensive assembly of images aims to be of international interest equally to the lay public, architects, students of architecture and historians. Taschen, Germany, 2003, 705pp, PB. $A 49.95

Settlement: A history of Australian Indigenous housing read  Read, R. (Ed)
This book investigates the issues and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing. The book is arranged in four parts; Settlement: Present & Past, Settlements of Enclosure, Settlement in Government, and Unsettlement. Each essay is well documented and explores housing from pre-colonial times, through to Redfern and Launceston in the 1970's, and contemporary housing initiatives. Aboriginal Studies Press, Australia, 2000, 284pp, PB.
$A 34.95

A new series...

Souvenir pocket-sized hardback looking at the architecture of the capitol cities around Australia. An introduction to the history and significant architectural styles, then arranged chronologically with a photographed project per page, to represent a year. The first 3 are:

Short History of Brisbane Architecture, A  photos by Bingham-Hall, P. intro by Keniger, M.
Including Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast. Pesaro, Australia, 2001, 120pp, HB. $A 35.00

Short History of Melbourne Architecture, A  Goad, P. & Place, K. photos by Bingham-Hall, P. 
Pesaro, Australia, 2002, 128pp, HB. $A 35.00

Short History of Perth  Architecture, A  London, G. photos by Bingham-Hall, P. 
Pesaro, Australia, 2002, 128pp, HB. $A 35.00

Short History of the University of Melbourne  MacIntyre, S. & Selleck, R.J.W.
Published to celebrate the sesquicentenary of Melbourne University, this small hardback book is the perfect companion volume to 'architecture on campus - a guide to the University of Melbourne and it's Colleges'. Even though it is a social and political history of the Melbourne landmark, it is very pertinent to the evolution of the structures and spaces which define this 150-year-old institution. Melbourne University Press, Australia, 2003, 194pp, HB. $A 24.95

Signs of the Times: A nostalgic celebration of Australian advertising signs  Hocking, G.
Signs of the Times recalls the magnificence of historic Australian advertising signs, posters & marketing ephemera, with more than 300 photographs of classic images from across Australia. Five Mile Press Aust 2005 228pp HB$A39.95

Stadium, The:
Architecture for the new global culture  Sheard, R.
Giving the reader a broad history of stadiums throughout history, particularly from the 19th century on. The author focuses on sporting stadiums within a social context & how these built works impact on the city.  Pesaro, Aust, 2005, 208pp, HB. $A 55.00

Stadium, The: How we built the dream  Coffey, R.
A black and white photographic essay on the construction of the largest stadium in Australia, built for the Olympics 2000 in Sydney to seat a crowd of 110,000. Box, Australia, 1999, PB.
$A 87.95

Studying Australian Architecture 
Vulker, J.
RAIA, Australia, 1990, 187pp, PB.
$A 32.95

Peter Stutchbury
: Of people and places between the bush and the beach  Drew, P
Essays by Philip Goad & Neilsen Warren. Photos by Patrick Bingham-Hall. All Peter Stutchbury's projects have been designed to respond to their specific environment,  incorporating ecological sustainability into his houses as early as the 1980s. Philip Drew's text leads us through Stutchbury's career, analysing the stages of the architect's developing philosophies through examples of his work. Well illustrated with colour and black & white photographs. Pesaro, Australia, 2000, 124pp, PB. $A

Suburban Backlash: The battle for the world's most liveable city  Lewis, M.
"As their neighbourhoods are blitzed by indiscriminate development bewildered suburbanites ask: How did we end up in this mess? With historical insight and characteristic candour Miles Lewis shows how planners and politicians have ignored the aspirations of many Melburnians". Blooming, Australia, 1999, 296pp, PB.
$A 9.95

History of a landscape
  Fromonot, F. & Thompson, C.
Photographs and text detailing the architectural and urban heritage of Australia's largest city. Vilo, USA, 2000, HB.
$A 75.00

Sydney Architecture  McGillick, P. & Bingham-Hall, P.
Documenting the rich selection of Sydney architecture, from small domestic homes to iconic public buildings. This book is undoubtedly a collection of Australia’s oldest & biggest city’s best architecture by both a blend of local & international architects. Pesaro, Australia, 2005, 191pp, HB. $A 45.00

Sydney Architecture  Haskell, J.
UNSW Press, Australia, 1997, 96pp, PB.
$A 19.95

Sydney Architecture a Guide 
Jahn, G.
It is said that a city's history is written by its architects. Noted architectural writer Graham Jahn has faithfully recorded the history of Sydney's built environment from settlement to the present day. Specially commissioned photographs support the illuminating text, and location maps with suggested tours. Watermark, Australia, 1997, 256pp, PB.
$A 39.60

Sydney Houses et al
More than 345 apartments and house s designed by renowned Australian architects like Harry Seidler and Chris Elliot offer an over view of one of todays most innovative architecture scenes. 400 pages with over 450 color images, informative texts and plans. TeNeus, Germany, 2003, PB. $A 49.95

Sydney Opera House: Architecture in detail  Drew, P.
Phaidon, UK, 1995, 60pp, PB. $A O/P but now included in the 3S series from Phaidon see "City Icons"

Sydney Sandstone 
Deirmendjian, G.
Craftsman, Sydney, 2002, 142pp, HB.
$A O/P

Take 1: Urbane Solutions
Propositions for the Future Australian City  McGauran, R. et al
RAIA, Australia, 2002, 120pp, PB. $A 36.30

Take 2: Housing Design in Indigenous Australia  Memmott, P.
RAIA, Australia, 2003, 120pp, PB. $A 36.30

Take 3: Double Dimension - Heritage & Innovation  Hill, J. 
The 2004 Sisalation Award winner The Double Dimension examines the shifting position of academic theory & built work in Australia & overseas to develop a sustainable model for heritage conservation that protects both existing heritage & our future heritage. Contributors to TAKE 3 provide a specific focus on the issue of protection & enhancement of the architectural layers of place from both an academic & practitioner viewpoint & consider issues frequently canvassed in the international press from a specifically Australian context. RAIA, Australia, 2004, 212pp, PB. $A 39.60

Take 4: Coalitions and Collaborations 
Savage, Whitman & Wallis

RAIA, Australia, 2005, 200pp, PB. $A 40.00

Tall Buildings: Australian business going up 1945-1970   Taylor, J.
"A history and critical appraisal of the tall office building during the early decades that saw its introduction to, and development within,  Australian cities. It is hoped that it will create an awareness of the historical significance of these buildings as part of the evolving story of the Australian culture as it presents itself in the strong montage of the city. It is also hoped the book will provide a reference to assist those concerned with development and conservation to make reasoned judgements on the future life of this threatened generation of city buildings" Beautifully presented volume with essays, floor plans and photos of our most significant buildings of this period. Craftsman, Australia, 2001, 288pp, HB.
$A 110.00

Terrace Houses In Australia 
Howells, T. & Morris, C.
In all its variations the terrace house holds a special place in Australian architectural history. The authors trace the many variations of this style from early colonial examples to the latest interpretations in the 1990s. Over 200 colour images illuminate the text.  Lansdowne, Australia, 127pp, HB. $A 43.95

Thermal Design of Buildings
2nd Edition Szokolay, S.V.
RAIA, Australia, 1995, 78pp, PB.
$A 16.50

Thinking Architecture:
Theory in the work of Australian architecture  Metcalf, A.
RAIA, Australia, 1995, 105pp, PB.
$A 19.80

To Build a Bridge:
Glebe Island Sydney Australia  Moore, D.
Chapter & Verse, Australia, 1996, 184pp, HB.
$A 71.50

Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects  London, G.
Covering the work by this Sydney based firm whose work covers large-scale urban projects of iconic public buildings to inner-city housing schemes & unusual private houses. Notable for their collaborations with artists, they have also produced cultural monuments, most recently the Australian War Memorial in London. Pesaro, Australia, 2005, 160pp, HB. $A 55.00

Topography  Black, R. & Hook, M.
An exploration into architectures relationship to the inhabited and natural landscape. Charting a different path to the usual urban/rural design strategies, research and teaching practice is worked through alternative ways of reading the landscape as a generator for architectural projects. By investigating mapping, drawing, diagramming and photography alternative readings of place are constructed, to make familiar places strange, and strange places familiar. RMIT University Press, Australia, 2004, 112pp, PB. $A 27.50

Touch This Earth Lightly: Glenn Murcutt in his own words  Drew, P.
A conversation between  Glenn Murcutt and architectural historian  Philip Drew on Murcutt's life and architectural philosophies. By the author of "Leaves of Iron" and" Three" Houses. D&S, Australia, 1999, 182pp, PB.
$A 35.00

Traditional Joinery: Sydney Houses 1810-1915  Murray, W. & Crocker, A.
This practical reference book is essential reading for those who are interested in Australian architecture, its conservation & repair. Comprising of detailed measured drawings of joinery elements from houses throughout the period & a study of their configuration & profiles over time.
Watermark , Australia , 2005, 362pp, PB. $A82.50

Treasures of the State Library of Victoria  Roberts, B.
Treasures of the State Library of Victoria, by Bev Roberts, published to celebrate the Library's 150th anniversary, encourages readers to discover the changing face and nature of life in Victoria since the time of first contact between Aboriginal and European cultures. State Library Victoria, Australia, 2004, 176pp, HB. $A 49.95

Troppo: Architecture for the Top End Goad, P. intro by Murcutt, G.
First monograph on Darwin-based Troppo Architects, who's unique style has won many awards. Their buildings delicately respond to their environment, addressing the extremes of the tropical climate experienced in the "top end'. Pesaro, Australia, 1999, 95pp, PB.
$A 55.00

Twentieth Century Architecture in Wollongong  Irving, R.
Wollongnong City Council, Australia, 2001, 192pp, PB.
$A 29.95

Twentieth Century Heritage:
Marking the recent past  Stropin, F. & Marsden, S. (Eds)
Long overdue, this thin booklet is packed full of the most outstanding and important buildings to Australia's history. Australian Heritage brings to it's public for the first time a collection of icons in our landscape which have represented the history of our people and helped to shape the nation. A diverse selection includes office towers, dam walls, neon lights amongst many others. Australian Heritage Information Network, 2002, 48pp, PB.
$A 15.00

Verandah People: Stories  Bennett, J.
A selection of poignant Australian stories for whom the ever-present verandah is both a stage & a private viewing space, a shelter from heat & disquieting bushland, & a seductive barrier to participation in the wider world. Most effective are his portraits of women, many of them young dreamers & searchers. A subtle sense of loss pervades Verandah People, but the overall impression is dreamlike - these characters inspire compassion even as they watch the world go by from the safety of their verandahs. Raincoast, Australia, 2005, 178pp, PB. $A 24.95

Very Public Solution, A: Transport in the dispersed city  Mees, P.
MUP, Australia, 2000, 331pp, PB.
$A 32.95

Victorian Icon:
The Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne  Dunstan, D.
Royal Trustees, Australia 1996, 520pp, HB.
$A 65.95

Vortex Cities to Sustainable Cities: Australia’s urban challenge  Mcmanus, P.
Examining  how Australian cities are becoming unsustainable whilst suggesting the possibilities for future actions that move us towards sustainability. McManus discuses the histories & planning ideas of all Australia’s mainland capitals & Newcastle, that have shaped their development. Moreover, he argues that having sustainable cities will be vital in reducing negative impacts of urban expansion on our rural & wild environments. UNSW Press, Australia, 2005, 232pp, PB. $A 44.95

Walter Burley Griffin Landscape Architect  Harrison, P.
National Library of Australia, Australia, 1995, 105pp, PB.
$A 38.45

Waterfront Spectacular: Creating Melbourne Docklands the people’s waterfront  Keeney, J. (Ed)
This book looks at how this Melbourne urban renewal project came to life. Design Masters Press, Australia, 2005, 308pp, HB. $A 90.00

Wayne Gillespie Architect: The man & his style  Wenzel, B.
In a career spanning 30 years to 2001, Wayne Gillespie became one of Melbourne's best known & respected residential architects. His distinctive modern/classical style emerged in his first house & was evident in his last, albeit having evolved over time. This volume, photographed by John Hay & with forewords from Neil Clerehan & Paul Bangay, presents a widely representative collection of Wayne Gillespie's work from the 1970's until the end of his highly successful but too short career. HG Books, Australia, 2003, 169pp, PB. $A 59.95

William Hardy Wilson; Artist, Architect, Orientalist Visionary  Edwards, Z.
This fascinating insight to the life of an interesting and inspiring character has been thoroughly researched and includes much unpublished and previously private images and information. With built works throughout the eastern states of Australia as well as many beautifully drawn unbuilt works, there is much to discover in this rich and detailed book - especially for those with an interest and appreciation for beauty in simplicity and classical proportions. Watermark Press, Australia, 2001, 260pp, HB.
$A 77.00

Your Home Technical Manual: Design for lifestyle & the future 3rd Ed  Reardon, C. et al
This popular title is back. Building a home using good design principles can save energy, water & money. The Australian Greenhouse Commission co-ordinated the publishing of this indispensable manual that pulls together all the current information on how to make your home more environmentally friendly. Whether building, renovating or simply applying some of the many ideas to your current home, this manual takes you through all areas of possible improvement; passive design, water use, materials use, energy use, site issues, other issues & case studies. AGC Aust 2005 PB $A 49.50