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Newtown's reputation as a retail precinct was established early. Marcus Clark, one of Australias leading retailers was based there.

Tresco, elbaborately decorated Italianate terrace, Brown Street

Lovingly restored grand 19th Century house, Dixon Street

Newtown Court House, architect James Barnet, 1885.

Terraced cottages in Newtown

The Newtown Festival in 2004

The Dr. King Mural, King St, Newtown

The New Theatre

St Josephs Catholic Church

Crago Flour Mill

Silo apartment complex

Dispensary Hall, Enmore Road.

Newtown Post Office.

Newtown Railway Station

St George's Hall, 1887

Typical Newtown Terrace

King Street, Newtown at night.

Cafe at the Newtown Performing Arts School

Sympathetic infill development

The Trocadero, after restoration Feb. 2007

19th-century mansion terraces, Warren Ball Avenue.

Plate 6. The Hub Theatre, 218-222 King St. Newtown, 1922, now the Burland Hall.
The present Hub Theatre at Newtown Bridge was the Hub No. 2.

Plate 5 'Avoca' 13 Charles St., Enmore. The balcony sign reads: J. Tarran, UPHOLSTERER MATTRESS MAKER The photo was taken c. 1909. Florence Tarran (B. 1906) and her sister Nellie (B. 1905) are wearing identical dress. The frontage is 14'2"

Plate 5. North Newtown Practice School, P. Kennedy, M.A., Principal, erected 1897. Bligh St. became St. Pauls Road and then Carillon Avenue.

A regular outing was to the local picture show to see silent movies backed by an orchestra. If you couldn't read fast enough you lost the thread of the story. It cost 3d. to go downstairs in the Hub Theatre and 6d. for the dress circle if you felt affluent but only the rich or showoffs

Terrace houses predominate in Newtown There are single, double or triple storey terraces which may stand alone or in groups of between two and twenty. Shop/residences followed a similar pattern. 1 A few of the original estate homes survived such as Stanmore House, Reiby House and Gowrie House. Newtown was one of the most densely populated suburbs of Sydney. Table 2 shows the number of persons per acre for census years with other suburbs for comparison.

Plate 1. 'Glenrushen', 1 Union St., Newtown, c. 1903. One of three single storey terraces. Mrs. Francis A. Tarran and her daughter Alice (b. 1900) who shortly moved to Campsie.

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