Sydney Architecture Images- Glebe

Sze Yup Chinese Temple (aka the "Joss House")




Victoria Road, Glebe, NSW 2037


1898, 1904


Federation Free Style




Daoist Temple
The Sze Yup Temple was built by immigrants from the area known as Sze Yup in the province of Guangdong, China.From its inception it has been open to all members of the Chinese community for their spiritual and welfare needs. The temple was a source of companionship, mutual assistance and accommodation for travellers, new migrants, the aged and the sick. It was also used to house the bones of the deceased, pending their transportation to China for burial.
It is dedicated to Kwun Ti, a warrior and patriot in the era of the Three Kingdoms 220 – 265 AD, who was famous for his loyalty, physical prowess and masculinity. In Australia, immigrant Chinese worshipped him as a wise judge, a guide and a protector. There are only four temples of this type in Australia, and the Sze Yup temple is the most renowned. The central temple in the Sze Yup complex was built in 1898. Two other temples were dedicated to the God of Wealth and to Deceased Friends (the Mortuary Chapel).
Principles of Feng Shui are seen in its location on land that sloped from the temple to the waters of Rozelle Bay. In 1904 the temple was flanked by two chapels, the Chapel of Departed Friends and the Chapel of Good Fortune.