Sydney Architecture Images- Glebe

University Hall




281 Broadway (corner Glebe Point Road and Broadway).




Victorian Italianate




This was originally the University Hotel; now University Hall, it is home to students from the nearby University of Sydney. Outside is a fountain commemorating the 50th anniversary of Glebe Municipality in 1909. If you face Parramatta Road from the fountain, on the low wall just above ground level you will see a memorial to the Aboriginal boxer Dave Sands, ‘Erected by Tom Lamings Gymnasium, also Glebe supporters and admirers who knew him as he was’. He was the Empire Middleweight champion and seemed destined for a successful career, but died in a car accident in 1952. He is one of a handful of Australians in the World Boxing Hall of Fame in Los Angeles. To the right of the Sands Memorial is the stone marking the original western boundary of the City of Sydney, bearing the name of Lt-Gen. Richard Bourke, Governor of NSW 1831-37.
In around 1990 the University Hall was renovated and expanded for use as apartments. During this process the foundations were undermined and half of the original curved structure collapsed. It was ingeniously copied and today it is impossible to tell the new half (the right...).
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